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Gripping the wheel of life

Will being in a room with nothing but a guitar make you a guitarist in a while? maybe, actually kinda worked for me.

as a kid who wanted to know absolutely everything about whatever his ongoing passion was, sometimes it was cars sometimes it was magnets and sometimes it was sound technology, if we’re reading cars then it’s not the surface level stuff, it’s getting a list of every part that went into making that baby, how everything moves and finding why are the cars not made of plastic

most of these passions came with a expiry date, when I felt there is no more meat left in it, but one thing that just stuck by even after knowing everything I could, was the device that records light Aka Camera,

Camera — the gateway to a fuzzy land

my study room was a table, a bed, lot of books and a camera, this was already more than enough to distract me from books of companies act 1956. three years in this room and I had already taken fifteen thousand photos, how was I able to find these many unique things to do with that camera in a room still amuses me and is go to incident that appears when I see myself on the door of a creative block

going back again to 2016 where I finished at least ten thousand pages of multiple e-books of how to use this thing and what the possibilities are, I had already taken more than eighty thousand photos, photos of everything that appears in front of me, this sort of trained my eyes to see the world different from any other person.

this was also the time when I accepted career in finance that I am aiming for doesn’t have enough light for me, at this point where two things took all my attention and time, one being infatuation for camera and other being career in finance I chose so I can buy my Lamborghini (or at-least told so by someone) one in finance started fading away making things clear for my family that it’s about time that I do an MBA.

Takeover — the dinner table wars

Everyone around me had this new found disquiet to get me a new track to follow, but by this time I was ready, ready for a fight, I knew I had to do something around cameras, after a ten minutes of google session I learned cinematography is the career with highest average pay that involved me being around the cameras, without having a proper idea of what that new word means I declared this is what I want to be. staying firm to my decision this is first time ever I felt I was holding the wheel driving my life.

No decision can be absolutely perfect, as long as it’s not causing us a loss of any sorts and we stick to it in every weather it’s a good one

well in sometime I got myself enrolled into a master’s in cinema specializing in cinematography. what happened later is for another day.

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